Fort Richmond Collegiate Safe Grad 2018


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New to Safe Grad?

The Parent Information Guide might help answer some of your questions about the birth of Safe Grad, purpose, structure and organization. 



In 1981, several provincial organizations began a program to deal with problems related to high school graduation. In the previous five years, several grad-night incidents had occurred: deaths, automobile accidents, boating-related injuries and driving and alcohol-related charges. Provincial and city police, ambulance services, hospital emergency wards and parents faced the end of June with uneasiness as tragedies resulting from high school graduation continued to increase. These organizations began their work by looking at graduations throughout Manitoba and Saskatchewan and finding a process that would provide a safe celebration.


SAFE GRAD is a fun and safe after-grad party planned and organized by the parents of graduates. That safe celebration, known as SAFE GRAD, is now widely accepted and is an integral part of graduation in nearly all Manitoba high schools. The official slogan is “It’s your graduation….get home safe”. 


  • No graduates or guests are allowed to drive during the event, even if they are not consuming alcohol.
  • Each graduate is allowed to bring ONE guest
  • No one under the age of 18 is allowed to purchase, possess or consume alcohol.
  • It is recommended that parents not allow an alcohol party to be planned prior to or after the Safe Grad as this merely makes a mockery of our whole Safe Grad planning concept.


Graduates and invited guests MUST register to attend Safe Grad. A Registration and Ticket Release form will be sent out either by email or via your child and will also be available on the website. Please review the information with your child, complete and sign appropriately. No ticket purchase without signed parent consent for BOTH student or guest. The person signing for and picking up your child/guest must be over 21, a legal parent orguardian and not have consumed ANY alcohol prior to the pick up. Guests’ parents are also required to sign the form. Exchange students should check with the school or Safe Grad Committee for important signing instructions.

Ticket Sale dates, prices, payment info, etc will be posted on the registration page of the website as soon as the details are set. 



  • Prior to entry, graduates and guests must present their Safe Grad ticket as well as a government issued photo id.

Check out time and details will be posted on the website.


The Safe Grad event will be organized by committees. Each year it can look a little different but the basic planning looks like this:

  • Chair or co-chairs
  • Venue (contact to Convention Centre, applications etc)
  • Security (secure entire area of Safe Grad; many volunteers needed)
  • Food (order and set up food and snacks)
  • Registration (sell safe grad tickets, gather student info, maintain good records, check in and out students)
  • Medical (provide needed medical attention at event, preferably trained personnel)
  • Entertainment (research entertainment ideas, arrange for casino tables, DJ etc, work at casino tables, set up etc.)
  • Prizes (gather and organize prizes)
  • Finance (prepare preliminary budget, manage and record finances)
  • Grad Gift (research ideas, order and deliver to venue, present to student)


  • Read all information that comes out re Safe Grad (by email, mail, school newsletter, school website, your child).
  • Attend Safe Grad Parent Meetings. 
  • VOLUNTEER to help on a committee. We need plenty of volunteers to help with the planning which happens January to June, or at Safe Grad itself. Any amount of help is welcome! Shifts are scheduled for those who volunteer to work on the night itself. We are fortunate to have it on a Friday this year.
  • Contribute prizes or money to be put towards prizes.
  • Remind your children that Safe Grad can only happen IF there are enough volunteers. It really is a great alternative to home parties where safety may be more difficult to regulate. This is a way to have your kids celebrate with their friends in a BIG way AND alleviate incidents or worse yet, a tragedy.
  • GET EXCITED with your child about the idea of a Safe after graduation party; listen to them, gather their ideas and concerns, bring them to the parent meetings, or relay them to the committee chairs.



Q.  My son/daughter doesn’t want me to get involved or doesn’t want to see me at Safe Grad.

A.  You can assure your child that there are many ways for you to get involved prior to the event. In addition, there is a large crowd at Safe Grad itself with only a small chance you will actually meet up with your child. You can provide assurance that it is their special day and you are there to help with the organizing, not to monitor them. Without parent volunteers, this event will NOT happen.

Q.  What if my child doesn’t know if he/she wants to attend Safe Grad?

A.  Start the conversation early. Gather information from others who have experienced it. Be mindful of the deadline to purchase Safe Grad tickets. Every year there are some very disappointed Grads on Grad night who don’t get to attend because they didn’t get tickets or didn’t think they would be interested.

Q.  When and where will Safe Grad tickets be sold?

A.  Dates and costs are currently being determined and that information will be available soon. Please keep checking the FRC Safe Grad website for updates.

Q.  How can I pay for the Safe Grad tickets?

A.  Cash or cheque only. Make cheques payable to Fort Richmond Collegiate.

Q. What activities are offered to the grads at Safe Grad?

A. There was been a variety of entertainment and activities for the students and guests in past years. Some examplesover the years have included: a photo booth, a fun casino (with play money at no cost), silent auction or door prizes, of course dancing with a great DJ.

Q. Are there any costs to the students for the games and activities at Safe Grad?

A. There is no cost to play at the casino, for prize tickets, for food or non-alcoholic drinks. If a photo booth is part of the entertainment, there will be a charge for photos printed on site.  Photos are also available on-line.  All entertainment, activities and food is included in the Safe Grad ticket price.

Q. What is the approximate price of each alcoholic drink?

A. Between $4 and $5.

Q. Is food served at Safe Grad?

A. Yes, there are snacks available during the evening and something more substantial at about 1:00 (i.e. pizza) at no extra cost.

Q. Is Safe Grad all about the drinking? My child has that impression.

A. Very good question. Consumption of alcohol is monitored by security. This is a time to celebrate accomplishments with peers. Dancing and participating in entertainment options are the main focus. Very few are drinking excessively.

Q. What is the Grad theme for this year?

A. Check the website for an update on that information.

Q. Will Safe Grad information be available on the school’s website?

A. There is a direct link from the school website to the Safe Grad site.  

Q. I don’t plan to attend the Grad Dinner and Dance. Can I still come to Safe Grad?

A. YES! Safe Grad is a separate event. You must purchase separate tickets for each event.

Q. I am in grade 12, however I won't be graduation.  Can I still attend Safe Grad?

A.  Yes, all grade 12's are invited to celebrate with their peers at Safe Grad.

Q. Will there be drinks and snacks available for the parents volunteering during the night?

A. Yes, there will be coffee, cold beverages and snacks available. Parents are absolutely not allowed to consume any alcohol during the course of the event!

For more information contact the Safe Grad Chair:

Kerry Unruh